2021 Wedding Trends: The Hottest Flowers and Designs Now

Updated: May 7

According to top florists and designers.

ORIGINAL: Brides.com

WRITTEN BY: Molly Allen

SOURCE: https://www.brides.com/wedding-flower-trends-5104931


One thing we do know for this year’s upcoming weddings is that planning has become more intentional than perhaps ever before. Menus are being reconsidered, cakes are being reimagined, and the same sentiment goes for choosing wedding flowers.

Just as the pandemic forced a shift for so many industries (include the wedding industry), flowers were definitely hit as well. As the demand for flowers went down, growers made adjustments so they wouldn’t be throwing away their crops. With that, 2021 may continue to be a year of pivoting, working with your designer to find the best fit for your big day.

“Many 2021 weddings were supposed to be 2020 weddings, and one of the many adjustments couples may face is that their dream florals may no longer be in season,” says floral designer Shean Strong. “Right now, I suggest couples rely on their floral designer to curate and select blooms for them. Working within a color palette and ‘feeling’ in lieu of specific flowers will allow your florist to create the atmosphere you envisioned.” Plus, as an added bonus, florists definitely have a robust knowledge of flowers that you may not be aware of. You just might find something even more unique and beautiful along the way!

In whatever shape or hue, wedding flowers have always been known to make a statement. But this year, beautiful blooms are being taken to the next level. “Because guest counts are smaller and each guest is able to really take in every detail of the wedding day, couples are emphasizing a desire to be intentional about every detail,” says Erice McNeff, owner of Everbloom Floral Design. And we’re definitely here for it.

Ready to dive in on planning the floral elements for your own wedding? Read on for predictions from top industry experts.

Expressive Color Palettes

Since we’re all ready to have a bit more fun, many couples are opting to ditch the traditional constraints of a standard color palette.