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Post-Covid: Large and Small weddings? A few lessons learned.

Covid most certainly made everyone rethink their priorities over the last year. We have seen large weddings for 300 guests shrink to 30 of their closest family and friends. But more surprisingly, now that things restrictions are lifting, we have seen some of our couples increase from 75 guests to over 150! Here are things to consider.

With social distancing and travel restrictions, it is easy to understand why weddings have shrunk and the benefits are seemingly obvious as well.

Here are the benefits of smaller weddings as we’ve heard them:

Spending quality time with all your guests:

Many couples are happy to have a more intimate wedding, with just their “ride or die” family and friends being a part of their union. It also allows the couples who are more introverted to spend quality time with those that mean the most to them, rather than entertain guests they aren’t close to and be spread thin throughout the day or weekend.

Being able to splurge on what matters:

Having a micro wedding allows couples to allocate more money to those things that mean the most to them, a celebrity photographer, over-the-top floral designs… things that they may have had to sacrifice to make their budget work for a larger wedding with more guests.

Being kind to our planet:

Our eco-friendly clients find comfort in the knowledge that their smaller wedding are now leaving less of a carbon footprint, as less guests are traveling, resulting in less waste.

On the other hand, some couples have decided to “go big or go home” with their weddings!

It’s a celebration of families:

The fact is that many families have realized that life is short and the reasons to get together and celebrate the milestones in life have become more of a priority. Getting the whole family together for these once-in-a-lifetime events (hopefully) has become more important.

It’s a celebration of friendships:

A larger wedding is an opportunity for couples to have a larger bridal party that include all their closest friends, rather than having to choose. Life-long friendships are very meaningful, and weddings are a beautiful way to honor them.

It’s a Statement (with a capital S!):

Some families have that desire for the wow factor that only a larger wedding can bring, from breathtaking florals and decor to special venues that only work for larger weddings.

Whatever size wedding a couple chooses, the most important thing is to have a wedding plan that reflects the couple best, choose trusted partners to bring your vision to life, and when the big day comes enjoy every moment of it!



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